Radical, Revolutionary, Rutan RC

Radical, Revolutionary, Rutan RC

Have you always wanted to have your own Rutan  aircraft? This might be your chance!

With Rutan RC, you can bring the SpaceshipOne and the White Knight glider to an altitude where you can remotely initiate separation while continuing to control the powerful, ducted fan SS1 while the White Knight glider spirals to a landing. Your support will help the development and manufacturing of these and more RC models of Burt Rutan’s airplanes.

And yes, the Boomerang will be available too!

Each Rutan design has unique features and is a wonderful way to explore and understand aerodynamics.

We’re in danger of failing to inspire the next generation of kids to think about flight, exploration and creativity. It is this spirit which drives our mission to inspire the imagination of tomorrows’ innovators by challenging them to make things fly.

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