Looking Up, Way Up! The Burt Rutan Story

Looking Up, Way Up! The Burt Rutan Story

Burt Rutan Documentary

Filmmakers Scott B and Sandy Guthrie are the brains behind a documentary bringing for the first time ever the complete story of Burt Rutan, the designer and builder of the Boomerang.

Rutan was described by Newsweek as “the man responsible for more innovations in modern aviation than any living engineer,” and named one of Time Magazine’s “100 most influential people in the world,” yet so far nobody had taken on the task of telling his story. Until now.

Under AntennaFilms, the filmmakers have dedicated the last 15 years of their careers to tell stories that “celebrate passion and obsession”. This time they are taking on the untold story of one of the greatest pioneers and innovators of our time and his latest secret creation, currently in progress, in his garage.

According to the project’s Kickstarter page:

Our film will tell Burt’s story in his own voice and through the voices of those around him (…) Candid interviews with colleagues, friends, family, and critics as well as those he’s inspired will provide intimate accounts and perspective on his remarkable career. Never before seen footage and extraordinary material from Burt’s own archives as well as others will bring the decisive moments of their trials and triumphs to life.

If you really want to help make this possible, please make a donation to the Kickstarter campaign here.

Burt Rutan as a kid
Doesn’t this make your heart happy?

You still have time to help!

And when this beauty is finished, you can be sure we’ll bring you all the details!

Flying local

Flying local

Boomerang crew Flying the Boomerang

Back flying after some winter maintenance. We had a great local flight over the beautiful San Luis Obispo mountains and were able to impress yet another seasoned pilot with the Boomerangs single engine handling.

LA County Air Show

In other news, we are planning on being at the Los Angeles  County Air Show at General Fox Field (KWJF) on March 21-22, 2015. Come to enjoy the show and meet the legendary Boomerang in person.

Rutan Boomerang new site

Rutan Boomerang new site

Hi, aviation gurus!

As of today, we are re launching our website and redesigning our approach to bring you even more information about the Boomerang’s life. We’ll keep you posted about events, mechanical issues and maintenance hacks we use for our baby.

Feel free to reach out on Facebook, Instagram or email and ask all your questions, request photos and other insider content.

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